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Donate Car Online Charity Car donation Program

THE Trusted Car Donation Charity Program for Thousands of Donors, 7 Years Running!

Donate Car Online is dedicated to helping you with your vehicle donation which benefits many worthy causes and needy families here in the United States and abroad. Our mission is to help link those that need help with those that want to help. Simply complete our easy car donation form or call us toll free at Charity Donation anytime to donate a car and schedule a pickup.

Our car donation charity program has a professional and friendly volunteer staff waiting to help you donate a vehicle whether it runs or not. You can donate a car or truck, RV, SUV, van, donate boat (all sizes), tractor trailer, jetski, airplane and most other types of vehicles. We accept vehicle donations in all 50 US states and Canada and offer free towing services. All proceeds benefit those in need.

The Top Reasons people decide to donate a vehicle with us are: 
  • Free Vacation Car Donation $500+ (Free Hawaii Vacation for $5000+)
  • Fair Market IRS Tax Deduction - Income Tax Deductible
  • Unbeatable support. Friendly and Knowledgeable Volunteer staff
  • The great feeling of knowing you are helping worthy and charitable causes in our world

How We Use The Funds Entrusted to Us
Know That You Are "Truly" Helping When You Donate a Car ! Notable "Causes" we proudly / your car donation supports include; Targeted Medical Research, Education Programs, Humane Societies, Battered Women, Disaster Relief Services (+ many more) Children and Families in Need our our Priority! Unlike Many Other Car Donation Charities! (video)  We take our role in helping those in need very seriously. Our generous donors have entrusted us to take their car donation and translate it into funds to help thousands in need, worthy organizations, families, social service agencies and other worthy causes. We take very seriously our trustworthiness to donors and those counting on our support. Whenever possible we repair and gift vehicles to needy families.

MDA Program Guitars in the Classroom American Red Cross
The Humane Society Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Easter Seals
Hope Chest for Kids March of Dimes Veteran Organizations


Donate Car - Donate Boat - Donate Aircraft - Vehicle Donation We make it simple to donate vehicles to charity. Call us Toll Free or Click Vehicle Type Below. Donating any vehicle with us is simple and fast! Call us toll free or fill out a very easy vehicle donation form in only a few minutes. We provide free vehicle towing if needed. With your vehicle donation, you'll receive a tax deductible receipt, plus a free vacation voucher of your choice!

  Who Is Donate Car Online ? Part of the "With Causes" Charitable Network of Donation Sites We are a nonprofit charitable organization committed to helping those in need, fulfilling those needs and filling the “gaps” left by many overburdened programs. Our organizations members are drawn from every ethnic and cultural background, age group, and economic level.. We can proudly say that our staff is completely volunteer and every dollar donated goes towards supporting the programs and individuals that honestly have no where else to turn.. Without car donations from generous people such as yourself, we would never be able to help fulfill the needs of those seeking support. To the thousands of donors who have placed their trust in our organization over the years, and all of our future donors, a heartfelt thank you! Donate Car

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