Car donation procedure is quick, simple and with no hassles. Donate Car Online handles everything for you. 1-888-228-7320

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Car donation benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits you will receive by supporting the Charitable causes and benevolent programs made available through Donate Car Online:

You avoid hassles associated with selling a vehicle.

No haggling with a dealer over the trade-in value.

In some cases the financial benefits of giving may outweigh the benefits of selling your own vehicle.

Eligibility for a tax deduction.

Easier and safer than fixing and selling the car yourself.

No waiting at home for the phone to ring or for people to come to look at the car.

No advertising costs associated with selling the vehicle.

Feel good about benefiting worthy and charitable causes in your community and helping those in need.

Free towing.

The car donation procedure is quick, simple and with no hassles (Donate Car Online handles everything for you)

Making car donations is a lot easier than trying to sell or trade in your vehicle.

Avoid confusing Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork or SMOG hassles.

Your donation helps the Charities and charitable programs we support, Enhance programs, and substantially increase resources of many charitable causes needed to support our communities.

Remember, it's always better to give than receive. The glory and most important benefit of charitable donations is that you give and receive at the same time.

*Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.
- Erich Fromm - 1900-1980, American Psychologist

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