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Donate Vehicle for a FAIR MARKET TAX DEDUCTION through Donate Car Online

IRS 4303 Publication

A car donation is a fantastic way to claim a deduction on your taxes. All car donations and vehicle donations through our charity are 100% tax deductible. Our goal is to maximize your tax deduction by rehabilitating your car donation and placing with a needy family or organization whenever possible. A $500 minimum deduction is guaranteed everytime!

All car donations, vehicle donations to charity and any other items donated to our charity are 100% tax deductible.

The IRS allows you to deduct for your charitable donation, an actual market value of your car donation or vehicle donation. There are rules that apply to this process however. Please call us for information regarding your car donation or vehicle donation.
IRS 4303 Publication

Any car donation or vehicle donation to charity is accepted running or non-running (in most cases).

Free pickup of your car donation or vehicle donation guaranteed anywhere nationwide.

Appraisal guide values are available through simple web searches to help you, the charitable donor determine the anticipated market value of your car donation or vehicle donation.

A car donation or vehicle donation must be accompanied by a clear title to donate a vehicle to charity (in most cases).

Donate Car Online transfers the title of the car donation or vehicle donation out of the donor's name.

Boat donations to charity, RV donations to charity, motorcycle donations to charity, and aircraft donations to charity are also accepted nationwide.

Donate Car Online easily through these Vehicle Donation options....

Know That You Are "Truly" Helping When You Donate a Car !
MDA Program Guitars in the Classroom American Red Cross
The Humane Society Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Easter Seals
Hope Chest for Kids March of Dimes Veteran Organizations

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