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The Gift of a North Carolina Car Donation

Nothing feels better than being able to help those in need but many want to do more than just contribute a few dollars here and there. That is why car donation charities such as ours have become one of the most popular ways to be of help to others in North Carolina. Not only do donated cars make their way to those that really need them, the proceeds from a vehicle charity auction can help an organization in a number of ways. From Raleigh to Charlotte, one can have their car or even boat picked up by our charity free of charge. The donation process for our charity is designed to be as hassle free for donors as possible.

The Contribution that Carries On

The biggest worry that some have about donating a vehicle is its condition. However, it should be known that our charity is perfectly fine with taking a vehicle that does not run. If the car has an engine, tires that can hold air and keys, it is likely to be accepted for donation. The only time a car cannot be accepted is when there is excessive damage that makes the car incapable of driving safely or if there is no title. Our charity car donation website lists not only our donation guidelines but how to arrange for a swift and speedy pick up.

Having a car picked up will not mean having to live around a larger city such as Durham or Greensboro either. Our charity has a long list of towing companies that will make a pick up anywhere in the state on their behalf. Our charity will even arrange specialty pick ups for those wanting to donate car like vehicles such as golf carts. The same can be said for those wanting to donate boat and boat related watercraft. However, when donating small boats or jet skis, some organizations will require a fully operational trailer hitch be provided with the donation.

Along with helping a charitable organization, those who donate vehicle property to us can find themselves on the receiving end of good fortune as well. The receipt that is given to donors for their contribution makes it possible to claim a deduction on the following year's taxes. Individuals who plan to take this deduction must use IRS Form 1098-C. This form, provided by the charity, declares the deduction amount for the taxpayer by stating the charity's gross amount of profit from the sale of the vehicle.

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Know That You Are "Truly" Helping When You Donate a Car ! Notable "Causes" we proudly / your car donation supports include; Targeted Medical Research, Education Programs, Humane Societies, Battered Women, Disaster Relief Services (+ many more) Children and Families in Need our our Priority! Unlike Many Other Car Donation Charities! (video)  Some of the causes your car donation supports include:
MDA Program Guitars in the Classroom American Red Cross
The Humane Society Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Easter Seals
Hope Chest for Kids March of Dimes Veteran Organizations

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