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and the proceeds from your vehicle donation support a charitable cause. 1-888-228-7320

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Vehicle Donation - Why Donate Car Online

There are many options for you when choosing to donate your vehicle to charity. Car donations, RV, Truck and boat donations help save you time and money and the proceeds from your donation support a charitable cause. You also receive a tax deductible receipt you can use at tax time. Donate Car Online is a non profit corporation with volunteers located in all 50 states. The proceeds from your car donation support numerous families here in the United States in more ways than you know. Donate Car Online is the trusted place thousands of helpful individuals decide to use for their vehicle donations. Some important reasons are:


Donate Car Online is The Charity!

Donate Car Online is the actual charity! Did you know that many of the establishments that are setup to accept your vehicle donation are really just middlemen? What this means is that you are donating to a company that could take 20-90% of the proceeds before giving it to an actual charity. (You are really just donating to a company that may be nothing more than a used car dealer under the guise of charity donation.) Then the charity that finally gets the money sometimes uses 20-90% of that donated money for their operating costs. This means that only 1-10% of your car donation actually gets used to help a family in need when you choose one of these "Businesses"!

DonateCarOnline uses 100% of your donation
to further Giving Center EIN# 46-1883892 and the "With Causes" charitable network. Numerous families each week are able to smile for the first time in months due to your generous car donation and there is no middleman involved. To get an idea of who the middlemen are, you can follow these 2 links and see what kind of an advertising budget they have.. You should be able to form your own opinion and realize Donate Car Online is the charity to easily donate your car to.

1. Keyphrase Search - This link will tell you how many times a keyphrase gets searched for each month on the search engine Google. A Keyphrase is something like: "Car Donation". Please goto this link and type in - Car Donation.
You will see this keyphrase was searched for over 450,000 times last month on Yahoo alone! This means the website that has the #1 spot has the potential of getting over 450,000 donors in one month!
2. Price For Sponsored Results - Now that you know how many times "Car Donation" was searched for, you can now get an idea of how much it costs if you want to be the sponsored result. The sponsored result is a system where you can bid against other companies to gain the #1 spot on most search engines. Some keyphrases are well over $25 a click! Yes just a click. This does not mean anyone is buying anything or in this case, donating a car. There are 9 companies that pay over $8 per click to try to get you to donate your vehicle! The #1 player is paying over $9 per click! Do the math... If you have 450,000 people searching for "Car Donation" and only have 200,000 people, which is less than half, click their sponsored result link, they owe Google millions of dollars for one month.
That is millions of dollars not going to help anyone except Google and Yahoo.
(Notice you do not see anywhere near sponsored search results)


Tax Deductible Donation

Car donations and other vehicle donations are all tax deductible. Some people believe that "donating" means they will get nothing in return. That is not the case with Donate Car Online. When you make a car donation you will qualify for a federal income tax deduction for your car, truck or other vehicle donation. IRS tax rules.


Car Donation, RV, Boat, Truck

Donate car, truck, RV or boat to charity! Your car donation will help support US families that need your helping hand. Please help Donate Car Online impact someone's life today with your vehicle donation. Your car donation does not need to have a working engine. We will provide free towing for all car donations anywhere in the United States.
Car donations - RV donations - Boat donations - Truck donations


Free Vehicle Towing

Donate Car Online car donation program covers the entire United States. We will pick up your car and do all of the work involved in your vehicle donation, leaving you with only a few papers to sign and a great tax deduction. To top it off, by doing this you will be making your car donation to a real charity and helping families across the US.
We will tow any vehicle free of charge. Does not matter if your car donation runs!


Auto Classifieds - No Selling

Trying to sell your car is not as easy as it sounds. First you usually need to pay to have the car listed in the auto classifieds. Next you have to sit by the phone and pray you get a call from someone who wants to buy it. (Those midnight phone calls are always fun.) If the auto classified ad you placed gets some results, you are then stuck answering call after call, waiting for people to come look at the vehicle. This can go on for weeks and all the while you keep paying more and more for the classified ad. No need for the stress in our opinion. You can easily call Online Car Donation and we will give you a tax deductible receipt and your car donation will be gone within 72 hours, tops. No hassle, stress free. Donate Now!


Donate Car Online Cares

We have been told on numerous occasions that Donate Car Online is a worthwhile, credible organization that our previous donors are proud to have supported. We have a growing list of over 9300 donors that are currently subscribed to our newsletter and all of them truly enjoy hearing the stories of how we used the funds they donated to us with their car donation. Helping schools build gymnasiums, providing numerous families with housing, providing food and shelter for the homeless and making life a little more enjoyable for our many veterans are some of the charitable ways your vehicle donation is used. Donate Now, make a difference in an Americans life. Choose State to Donate.

Anyone can easily make a car donation and those who are interested in car donations should contact Donate Car Online to take advantage of our car donation program. Our professional staff will be more than happy to help guide you through the steps of donating your vehicle. You will find Donate Car Online will make this whole process extremely simple. Contact us today! Make a donation.

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