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Breathe Renewed Life Into Your Old Kentucky Car with a Kentucky Car Donation

A Kentucky Car donation though our charity is one way to breathe new life into an old, unwanted, or unused car in Kentucky; for many vehicles out there today, charitable car donations may be the only way to really utilize them and give life to a car or vehicle that may be beyond repair.

Fixing Doesn't Have To Be A Viable Option For KY Car Donations

Our car donation charity can utilize almost any vehicle donations made to them; this includes cars that are past their primes, cars in good running condition, cars that could be made to run reliably with a few parts, or even classic cars in variable condition; it also includes cars garaged across the state; car donation charities can go to Louisville, KY, Lexington, KY, Owensboro, KY, Bowling Green, KY, and to all other points in the state (small towns included).

Before you offer a Kentucky car donation to our charity for the vehicle, you should know a few things.

• Donate car that can be rehabbed reasonably, and it will be put to good use; cars will be repaired by our car donation online charity, then placed with people or community groups who need (and deserve) transportation.
• You, as owner, are not expected to incur any significant expense to donate – vehicle repairs will be handled at the expense of our charity and free towing will also be provided.
• Cars that cannot be reasonably rehabilitated will be sold or salvaged instead, but these cars will still generate funds our charity can use (in turn the funds are used to support individuals and causes).
• You can still donate vehicles to our charity even if you don't have an unwanted car; besides car donations, you can donate vehicle, donate boat, donate equipment, RV's and small recreational vehicles, too.

Car Donation Kentucky - Take The Burden Off You

There's no reason any willing donor should ever be put out to give of their belongings; car donation charities like ours make it easy to donate cars in Kentucky, and you can be sure that we have assumed as much of the burden as we possibly can. To this end, our charity has developed a fast and easy way to donate at no expense to you the donor, and also a process that rewards the donor through

• Documentation for the Federal Fair Market Value Tax Deduction (which allows donors a break on their next IRS tax return)
• Maximum utilization of the gifted vehicle and the satisfaction of helping others
• Free vacation rewards—thousands of vacation vouchers, hotel accommodations, and cruises to choose from; gifts made possible for car donations made through our charity by our charitable partners

Car donations in KY are easy and rewarding. You can donate to us today and see how easy (and rewarding) a process this really is.

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Donate Car KY Car Donation Kentucky

Know That You Are "Truly" Helping When You Donate a Car ! Notable "Causes" we proudly / your car donation supports include; Targeted Medical Research, Education Programs, Humane Societies, Battered Women, Disaster Relief Services (+ many more) Children and Families in Need our our Priority! Unlike Many Other Car Donation Charities! (video)  Some of the causes your car donation supports include:
MDA Program Guitars in the Classroom American Red Cross
The Humane Society Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Easter Seals
Hope Chest for Kids March of Dimes Veteran Organizations

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