Car donation and vehicle donations testimonials from giving people who helped further our cause with their charity donations.

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Vehicle Donation Testimonials

I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us make this car donation process so easy! I called you guys on a Monday and the car was gone the next day! Talk about quick! We were just going to have it towed to the junkyard but we would have had to pay $99 and we wouldn't have gotten a tax break. You made this very easy for us and it feels good to know the money is going to a good cause. Thanks again!
- Andy       

Talk about effortless! Donating our old car was so simple! We called you guys up and Cameron made the process so easy. Our car was picked up Wednesday and now I can plant more flowers where that ugly car was! Thanks a lot!
- Alex and Katie       

After listing our old Cadillac on eBay 2 times and never getting any bids, we decided enough was enough and donated our car to you guys. I wish we would have just done this from the beginning. Not only would we have saved money from the eBay listing fees but we also could have used the 7 day hotel voucher you gave us when we were in San Diego. You made all of this very easy and I thank you. I will let all of my friends know about Online Car Donation.
- Sarah       

We had a couple of boats in our backyard that were there when we bought the house. The towing company wanted to charge us a three hundred bucks and we were just giving the boats to them. I found you online and then called right away. 3 days later both boats were gone and our backyard looks alot better.  You guys are great. Keep up the good work!
- Tyrone       

My accountant suggested we give you a call to donate one of our cars and you made this whole experience incredibly easy. I called in the morning and by 6 that night the car was gone! I got the tax receipt I needed and helped charity! Thanks again!
- Peter       

Bill and I have a neighbor that had an old RV sitting in his driveway for over 9 years. The tires were flat, there was a family of cats living inside, and it was just really becoming an eyesore. I spoke to our neighbor and told him I found a charity organization that he could donate this old RV to and he willingly accepted our help. We filled out your easy online form, one of your representatives called me 20 minutes later to confirm and 4 days later the RV was gone! We found a great home for the cats with 3 of our other neighbors by the way. Great Job!
- Susan       

My mom started losing her sight a few years ago and is now legally blind. She had 3 cars collecting dust in her barn and she can no longer drive. I kept her 69' mustang and called you guys up to donate the chevy truck and roadrunner. I believed in your cause which is why I donated to you guys. I look forward to the newsletter! Feels good to help others!
- Whitney       

Bye Bye Buick! I loved you but all good things have to come to an end sometime. Plus the cost of repairing you would have been more than $2500! Sorry Charlie! Thanks for taking this headache off of my hands! Yeah Donate Car Online!
- Riley       

I looked over alot of car donation companies online and your website is the most professional, easy to use out there. Kudos to you all. I believe in your mission and am proud to support such a great charity. God Bless!
- Benny       

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