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Hi Guys..

As promised here is my testimonial about our 99' Isuzu Trooper we donated to you last week. I hope that you post this on your website so someone will find and read this so they know how great you are.

We donated our Mazda Miata to another "so called" charity and were disgusted with their whole service. In fact, if we would have sold the car ourselves, we would have been better off. All they did was tow our car and then brought it to auction. They sold our Miata for only $600 at auction which means we only got a $600 write off on our taxes! The car booked out at over $2300 and we had offers for $1300 but felt we would do better with the tax write off. We also thought helping charity would be a nice thing for our Karma as well. Boy did we learn the hard way. And to top it all off, we did some research on this so called "Charity" and they aren't a charity at all! All they are is a business that acts as a middleman and they actually keep over 50% of the proceeds! This means that $300 went in their pocket and the rest went to God knows where.

I really was wary about the whole donation process and I apologize for taking up so much of your time with the Trooper we donated. I just needed to understand how your car donation process worked and Cameron did a wonderful job explaining it. I have told numerous friends at our church about your organization and will continue to tell everyone I come across that even mentions the word car donation.

I feel very good about donating to your charity and know that God has blessed both of us.

Thank you and keep up the great work!

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