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I was trying to sell my car for 2 months before I decided it was time to find another way of getting rid of it. I spoke with a few people from my church and they told me I should donate my car to charity. I never really considered this option to tell you the truth but the thought of helping someone as well as myself was intriguing.

My husband and I went online and did some searching for the best charity to donate to. Needless to say, there are thousands of charities out there that will accept our car donation but none of them stood out like you guys.

After filling out your online form I received a call 3 hours later. The reverend told me that I could receive fair market value for my car because it would be used to help people rather than just sold on the auction block for pennies. I also got to choose a vacation and we chose the cruise to Mexico.

I am very happy about the way this car donation went and we are really looking forward to our first cruise. Car donations with you guys couldn't have been any easier. Thank you for making this whole process easy as pie! God Bless and keep up the wonderful work!

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